Teeth whitening
Effectively and safely!
  • Protection of enamel
  • Guaranteed effect of teeth whitening
  • Full treatment
  • Without visiting the dentist!
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Why IBRIGHT? We offer professional set for effective teeth whitening and enamel paint protection. Now you can enjoy the beautiful, white smile without visiting expensive cosmetic surgeries and dental. Painless bleached teeth in 5 days!
Warranty effects or your money back!
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Kit for teeth whitening iBright includes:

- sample shades
- 5 napkins whitening with fluoride
- spray preparation 5 ml
- gel for teeth 15 ml
- silicone pad, which perfectly adapts to the jaw
- 5 watt LED flash
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After a week, you will have a smile from advertising!!!

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David 35 years old
I work in a large company and my boss always appreciated the projects that were going. I paid themselves praising, but I was never elected to work with clients. This was annoying because it was my idea. I tried to explain these situations, but only when I overheard a conversation my managers found out what the problem is. Said I work great, but I will not go further unless you do something with your appearance.

It was about my teeth. At home, I just. Were yellowed with a touch of coffee. I had to do something. I was looking for something the most effective that it works fast. I bought iBright, because that was supposed to help in a week, so quickly. I used it during the holidays, and as I returned to work, everything has changed. Immediately I was offered a part in meetings with clients, and in the short time I was promoted, and now I control the various projects. Without iBright this output would have been impossible.
Carolina 29 years old
I have very sensitive teeth, and wanted to bleach them, but I was afraid that their sensitivity increases even more. My dentist recommended I iBright, saying that it is 100% safe, and I was sure that will not damage the enamel. After iBright the effect was instantaneous. I have white and bright smile, and although I know this is quite subjective feelings, I believe that the decreased sensitivity of my teeth.
Monica 23 years old
I really liked one guy, but I have not had the courage to speak to him. I had a terrible smile and always, when he laughed, covering his mouth with his hand. My friend realized what was going on, and she gave me iBright. It was just a revelation!!! After iBrihgt my teeth white. Already not ashamed to smile, I feel confident. Well, my beautiful smile after iBright to impress this guy.
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